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FAAの筆記試験(Knowledge Exam)について。 :  Privateの筆記試験について : PVTの問題へ : IFR、筆記の解説 : IFR問題へ

2009 Instrument Written Exam (FAA Knowledge Test)

81. PLT274
In which meteorological environment is aircraft structural icing most likely to have the highest rate of accumulation?
A) Cumulonimbus clouds.
B) High humidity and freezing temperature.
C) Freezing rain.

和訳 : 解説


82. PLT248
What force causes a helicopter to turn?
A) Rudder pressure or force around the vertical axis.
B) Vertical lift component.
C) Horizontal lift component.

83. PLT166
If you are departing from an airport where you cannot obtain an altimeter setting, you should set your altimeter
A) on 29.92 inches Hg.
B) on the current airport barometric pressure, if known.
C) to the airport elevation.

和訳 : 解説


84. PLT162
Which airspace is defined as a transition area when designated in conjunction with an airport which has a prescribed IAP?
A) The Class E airspace extending upward from 700 feet or more above the surface and terminating at the base of the overlying controlled airspace.
B) That Class D airspace extending from the surface and terminating at the base of the continental control area.
C) The Class C airspace extending from the surface to 700 or 1,200 feet AGL, where designated.

和訳 : 空域の解説


85. PLT161
MOAs are established to
A) prohibit all civil aircraft because of hazardous or secret activities.
B) separate certain military activities from IFR traffic.
C) restrict civil aircraft during periods of high density training activities.

和訳 : 解説


86. PLT277
The rate of descent required to stay on the ILS glide slope
A) must be increased if the ground speed is decreased.
B) will remain constant if the indicated airspeed remains constant.
C) must be decreased if the ground speed is decreased.

和訳 : ILSの事


87. PLT403
While on an IFR flight, a pilot has an emergency which causes a deviation from an ATC clearance. What action must be taken?
A) Notify ATC of the deviation as soon as possible.
B) Squawk 7700 for the duration of the emergency.
C) Submit a detailed report to the chief of the ATC facility within 48 hours.



88. PLT208
During an IFR flight in IMC, a distress condition is encountered, (fire, mechanical, or structural failure). The pilot should
A) not hesitate to declare an emergency and obtain an amended clearance.
B) wait until the situation is immediately perilous before declaring an emergency.
C) contact ATC and advise that an urgency condition exists and request priority consideration.



89. PLT391
You are in IMC and have two way radio communications failure. If you do not exercise emergency authority, what procedure are you expected to follow?
A) Set transponder to code 7600, continue flight on assigned route and fly at the last assigned altitude or the MEA, whichever is higher.
B) Set transponder to code 7700 for 1 minute, then to 7600, and fly to an area with VFR weather conditions.
C) Set transponder to 7700 and fly to an area where you can let down in VFR conditions.

和訳 : 解説


90. PLT083
(Refer to figure 68.) Upon which maximum airspeed is the COPTER VOR/DME 117° approach category based?
A) 80 knots.
B) 90 knots.
C) 100 knots.

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