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FAAの筆記試験(Knowledge Exam)について。 :  Privateの筆記試験について : PVTの問題へ : IFR、筆記の解説 : IFR問題へ

2009 Instrument Written Exam (FAA Knowledge Test)

211. PLT353
For most effective use of the Radar Summary Chart during preflight planning, a pilot should
A) consult the chart to determine more accurate measurements of freezing levels, cloud cover, and wind conditions between reporting stations.
B) know the chart displays precipitation only; it does not display clouds, fog, fronts, or other boundaries.
C) utilize the chart as the only source of information regarding storms and hazardous conditions existing between reporting stations.

和訳 : Radar Summary Chart


212. PLT242
What is the relationship between centrifugal force and the horizontal lift component in a coordinated turn?
A) Horizontal lift exceeds centrifugal force.
B) Horizontal lift and centrifugal force are equal.
C) Centrifugal force exceeds horizontal lift.

和訳 : 旋回について


213. PLT248
What force causes an airplane to turn?
A) Rudder pressure or force around the vertical axis.
B) Vertical lift component.
C) Horizontal lift component.

和訳 : 旋回について


214. PLT186
Conditions that determine the pitch attitude required to maintain level flight are
A) flightpath, wind velocity, and angle of attack.
B) airspeed, air density, wing design, and angle of attack.
C) relative wind, pressure altitude, and vertical lift component.

和訳 : 解説


215. PLT337
If, while in level flight, it becomes necessary to use an alternate source of static pressure vented inside the airplane, which of the following should the pilot expect?
A) The altimeter and airspeed indicator to become inoperative.
B) The gyroscopic instruments to become inoperarive.
C) The vertical speed to momentarily show a climb.

和訳 : 解説


216. PLT012
If the outside air temperature increases during a flight at constant power and at a constant indicated altitude, the true airspeed will
A) decrease and true altitude will increase.
B) increase and true altitude will decrease.
C) increase and true altitude will increase.



217. PLT144
Under which conditions is hydroplaning most likely to occur?
A) When rudder is used for directional control instead of allowing the nosewheel to contact the surface early in the landing roll on a wet runway.
B) During conditions of standing water, slush, high speed, and smooth runway texture.
C) During a landing on any wet runway when brake application is delayed until a wedge of water begins to build ahead of the tires.



218. PLT170
When tracking in bound on the localizer, which of the following is the proper procedure regarding drift corrections?
A) Drift corrections should be accurately established before reaching the outer marker and completion of the approach should be accomplished with
heading corrections no greater than 2°.
B) Drift corrections should be made in 5° increments after passing the outer marker.
C) Drift corrections should be made in 10° increments after passing the outer marker.



219. PLT509
When landing behind a large jet aircraft, at which point on the runway should you plan to land?
A) If any crosswind, land on the windward side of the runway and prior to the jet's touchdown point.
B) At least 1,000 feet beyond the jet's touchdown point.
C) Beyond the jet's touchdown point.

和訳 : 解説


220. PLT509
Wake turbulence is near maximum behind a jet transport just after takeoff because
A) the engines are at maximum thrust output at slow airspeed.
B) the gear and flap configuration increases the turbulence to maximum.
C) of the high angle of attack and high gross weight.

和訳 : 解説

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