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FAAの筆記試験(Knowledge Exam)について。 :  Privateの筆記試験について : PVTの問題へ : IFR、筆記の解説 : IFR問題へ

2009 Instrument Written Exam (FAA Knowledge Test)

221. PLT333
Which statement is correct regarding the use of cockpit lighting for night flight?
A) Reducing the lighting intensity to a minimum level will eliminate blind spots.
B) The use of regular white light, such as a flashlight, will impair night adaptation.
C) Coloration shown on maps is least affected by the use of direct red lighting.

和訳 : 解説


222. PLT332
What action should be taken if hyperventilation is suspected?
A) Breathe at a slower rate by taking very deep breaths.
B) Consciously breathe at a slower rate than normal.
C) Consciously force yourself to take deep breaths and breathe at a faster rate than normal.

和訳 : 解説


223. PLT334
How can an instrument pilot best overcome spatial disorientation?
A) Use a very rapid cross check.
B) Properly interpret the flight instruments and act accordingly.
C) Avoid banking in excess of 30°.

和訳 : 解説


224. PLT194
Which technique should a pilot use to scan for traffic to the right and left during straight and level flight?
A) Systematically focus on different segments of the sky for short intervals.
B) Concentrate on relative movement detected in the peripheral vision area.
C) Continuous sweeping of the windshield from right to left.

和訳 : 解説


225. PLT083
(Refer to figure 49.)You have been cleared to the CREAK intersection via the BTG 054° radial at 7,000 feet. Approaching CREAK, you are cleared for the
LOC/DME RWY 21 approach to PDX. Descent to procedure turn altitude should not begin prior to
A) intercepting the glide slope.
B) completion of the procedure turn, and established on the localizer.
C) CREAK outbound.



226. PLT170
If during an ILS approach in IFR conditions, the approach lights are not visible upon arrival at the DH, the pilot is
A) required to immediately execute the missed approach procedure.
B) permitted to continue the approach and descend to the localizer MDA.
C) permitted to continue the approach to the approach threshold of the ILS runway.

和訳 : 解説


227. PLT292
Prior to conducting 'timed approaches from a holding fix,' which one of the following is required?
A) The time required to fly from the primary facility to the field boundary must be determined by a reliable means.
B) The airport where the approach is to be conducted must have a control tower in operation.
C) The pilot must have established two way communications with the tower before departing the holding fix.

和訳 : Timed Appraochについて


228. PLT185
When airspeed is increased in a turn, what must be done to maintain a constant altitude?
A) Decrease the angle of bank.
B) Increase the angle of bank and/or decrease the angle of attack.
C) Decrease the angle of attack.

和訳 : 旋回について


229. PLT185
What is the initial primary bank instrument when establishing a level standard-rate turn?
A) Turn coordinator.
B) Heading indicator.
C) Attitude indicator.

和訳 : 解説


230. PLT185
To level off from a descent maintaining the descending airspeed, the pilot should lead the desired altitude by approximately
A) 20 feet.
B) 50 feet.
C) 60 feet.


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