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航空機の最大速度 Aircraft Speed Limit

  A) 全域: 10,000 feet MSL以下 : 250ノット KIAS : FAAから許可があればその速度以上で飛行できる 
  B) Class CやClass Dの中心空港から半径4マイルで2,500 feet AGL以下の場合 : 200ノット ATCからの許可されれば超える事が可能。
  C) Below Class B AND VFR Corridor : 200ノット (Class Bの下 や 隙間(回廊)の事で、Class-B内は250 ktsです。)
  D) 航空機の最低安全速度が、ここで決められた速度よりも早い場合は、その最低速度で飛行しても良い。 

この法律はIndicated Airspeedの事なので、航空機の速度畏敬(対気速度計)での表示になります。 対地速度や真速度ではありません。

FAR 91.117 航空機の最大速度 Aircraft Speed Limit

91.117 Aircraft speed.

(a) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, no person may operate an aircraft below 10,000 feet MSL
      at an indicated airspeed of more than 250 knots (288 m.p.h.).

(b) Unless otherwise authorized or required by ATC,  no person may operate an aircraft
      at or below 2,500 feet above the surface within 4 nautical miles of the primary airport of a Class C or Class D airspace area
             at an indicated airspeed of more than 200 knots (230 mph.).

     This paragraph (b) does not apply to any operations within a Class B airspace area.
      Such operations shall comply with paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) No person may operate an aircraft in the airspace underlying a Class B airspace area designated for an airport or
      in a VFR corridor designated through such a Class B airspace area,
            at an indicated airspeed of more than 200 knots (230 mph).

(d) If the minimum safe airspeed for any particular operation is greater than the maximum speed prescribed in this section,
       the aircraft may be operated at that minimum speed.

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