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Private Pilot Ground School モドキ


  • Parts of Airplane
      • Know the major parts on an airplane, Fuselage, Wings, Empennage, Landing gears, and Powerplant.
        Understand major factions of major parts.
    1. Fuselage
      • Seats for passengers and pilot (Cabin)
      • Baggage Area
      • Makes an airplane
      • Instruments, flight controls, other parts are connected or installed, Body
      • holds engines, wings, tails, landing gears, antennas, and others
      1. Wing (main wings)
        • Creates Lift
        • Aileron
        • Flaps
        • Has Main (or only) Fuel Tank
      2. Empennage (Tail)
        • Vertical Stabilizer & Rudder
        • Horizontal Stabilizer & Elevator
      3. Landing gear
        • Tricycle (Main gear,Nose gear) vs. Conventional (Main gear, Tail wheel)
        • Fixed (simple, affordable and easy) vs. Retractable (faster, fuel efficient, and longer range)
      4. Powerplant
        • Engine (Reciprocating or Turbine Engines)
        • Propeller (Fixed or Constant-Speed, Adjustable)
  • Aircraft Classification (What is Aircraft? Airplane? What is different? Aircrafts are classified into small groups)
    1. Airman Certification (for pilots)
      • Category (Airplane, Rotorcraft, Glider and Lighter-than-Air)
      • Class (Airplane: Single or Multi Engine & Land or Sea, Rotorcraft: Helicopter or Gyroplane)
      • Type (e.g. Cessna 152, Boeing 787, Airbus 380, F-15)
    2. Aircraft Certification (for machine)
      • Category (Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, Commuter, Transport, Experiment......)
      • Class (Airplane, Gyroplane, Lighter-than-Air, Glider)
      • Type (e.g. Cessna 152, Boeing 787, Airbus 380, F-15)
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