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Private Pilot Ground School モドキ


  1. Performance and density
    1. Airplanes' performance determined by air density.
      • More Air Density = More Lift & More Power
    2. The density of air is decreased by following condition
      • High Altitude or Low pressure
      • High temperature
      • High humidity
    3. Low density = Low performance
  2. Density altitude
    • Aircraft performance in Standard Atmosphere expressed in altitude to have better idea.
      • to know aircraft performance
    • Standard atmospheric condition.
      • At sea level = 15 degrees C, 29.92 in Hg.
      • Temperature = -2 degrees C/ 1000 ft (about)
      • Pressure = -1 in Hg/1000ft (about)
    • Density altitude Increase = Less Air (density)
      • Performance decrease.
      • Less Lift
      • Less Thrust
      • Slow climb
      • Longer takeoff and landing run
      • More accident (High Altitude Airport during Hot Summer)
    • pressure altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature. (other way to explain)
  3. Density Altitude Chart
    • to determine density altitude with Pressure Altitude and Temperature
    • to predict performance of an aircraft on given day.
  4. Pressure Altitude
    • Indicated Altitude corrected for nonstandard pressure.
    • to determine the density altitude (and other performance of an aircraft)
    • Transponder Mode C and Flight Level use pressure altitude
  5. Performance Charts and Tables
    • Take off distance chart
    • Landing distance graph
    • Landing distance table
    • Cruise power setting
  6. Cross Wind Component Chart
    • on Landing in Strong Wind
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