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Private Pilot Ground School モドキ


    1. Dead Reckoning
      1. Variation
        • Magnetic compass does not indicate north pole. It Indicates MAGNETIC NORTH.
        • The difference between true north pole and magnetic north measured in degree is VARIATION.
        • It varies from place to place.
          • 15°30' E
          • East is Least (+) West is Best (-)
        • True xxx = from North Pole, True North, (T)
        • Magnetic xxx =from Magnetic North (M)
        • True course & Variation = MAGNETIC COURSE
        • Magnetic course & Wind correction angle = MAGNETIC HEADING
      2. Compass Deviation
        1. It is produced by disturbance from magnetic fields produced by metal and electrical accessories inside.
        2. Magnetic heading + Deviation = COMPASS HEADING
      3. Predict Course and Time from POH Data and Winds Aloft Forecast, then Correct in the air
    2. VOR - VHF Omni Range
      1. VOR receiver indicates POSITION of you relative to the station.
        • It only knows which radial you are on.
      2. Choose desire VOR station by setting the frequency.
        • It can be identified with morse code
        • must confirm the morse code (could be wrong station or VOR may be down)
      3. Choose desired radial by setting OBS
        • The indicator show the relative location compare to selected radial.
        • Does not matter what heading, but only on which radial you are on.
      4. VOR Test facility VOT
        • Set the OBS 180 = TO or 380 = FROM (Cessna 182 => One Eighty Two => One Eighty and TO)
      5. Maximum = acceptable deviation is 4
    3. GPS
      1. satellites on the space
      2. measures distance from satellites
        • you know your position in a sphere from each satellite
        • more you recieve, the sphere intercepts and your location is identified.
      3. GPS determines position, by receiving
        • 2 satellites = it knows positron in a circle
        • 3 satellites = it knows 2 possible position, but don't know which
        • 4 satellites = it knows location of the aircraft (GPS receiver)
        • 5 or more = accuracy goes up
      1. computers relate position and database to tell us position, direction, speed, altitude and your plans
    4. Non-Directional radio Beacon NDB
      1. NDB station can be found by an Automatic directional finder = ADF
      2. They were primary navigation system before VORs, but fading out.
      3. Relative Bearing (RB): Degrees between nose and station. (Shown on an ADF)
      4. Magnetic Bearing to the station (MB): The heading-to fly directly to the station.
        • MB (TO) = RB + MH
        • MB (FROM) = MB(TO) +/- 180
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