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FAAの筆記試験(Knowledge Exam)について。 :  Privateの筆記試験について : PVTの問題へ : IFR、筆記の解説 : IFR問題へ

Subject: Learning Statement Reference Guide for Airman Knowledge Testing
September 28, 2007

(今までのAC 60-25F, Reference Materials and Subject Matter Knowledge Codes (6/8/2004)はキャンセルとなりましたが、筆記試験の結果は2年間有効なのでAC 60-25Fは2009年09月30日まで使われます。以前のPrivate Pilot用のTest Code

for Pilots, Instructors, Flight Engineers, Dispatchers, Navigators, and Pilot Examiners Exams

PLT213 Recall flight characteristics - longitudinal stability / instability
PLT214 Recall flight characteristics - structural / wing design
PLT215 Recall flight instruments - magnetic compass
PLT216 Recall flight instruments - total energy compensators
PLT217 Recall flight maneuvers - quick stop
PLT218 Recall flight operations - common student errors
PLT219 Recall flight operations - maneuvers
PLT220 Recall flight operations - night and high altitude operations
PLT221 Recall flight operations - takeoff / landing maneuvers
PLT222 Recall flight operations - takeoff procedures
PLT223 Recall flight operations multiengine - engine inoperative procedures
PLT224 Recall flight plan - IFR
PLT225 Recall flight plan - requirements
PLT226 Recall fog - types / formation / resulting weather
PLT227 Recall FOI techniques - integrated flight instruction
PLT228 Recall FOI techniques - lesson plans
PLT229 Recall FOI techniques - professionalism
PLT230 Recall FOI techniques - responsibilities
PLT231 Recall FOI techniques / human behavior - anxiety / fear / stress
PLT232 Recall FOI techniques / human behavior - dangerous tendencies
PLT233 Recall FOI techniques / human behavior - defense mechanisms
PLT234 Recall forces acting on aircraft - 3 axis intersect
PLT235 Recall forces acting on aircraft - aerodynamics
PLT236 Recall forces acting on aircraft - airfoil / center of pressure / mean camber line
PLT237 Recall forces acting on aircraft - airspeed / air density / lift / drag
PLT238 Recall forces acting on aircraft - aspect ratio
PLT239 Recall forces acting on aircraft - buoyancy / drag / gravity / thrust
PLT240 Recall forces acting on aircraft - CG / flight characteristics
PLT241 Recall forces acting on aircraft - drag / gravity / thrust / lift
PLT242 Recall forces acting on aircraft - lift / drag / thrust / weight / stall / limitations
PLT243 Recall forces acting on aircraft - propeller / torque
PLT244 Recall forces acting on aircraft - stability / controllability
PLT245 Recall forces acting on aircraft - stalls / spins
PLT246 Recall forces acting on aircraft - steady state climb / flight
PLT247 Recall forces acting on aircraft - thrust / drag / weight / lift
PLT248 Recall forces acting on aircraft - turns
PLT249 Recall fuel - air mixture
PLT250 Recall fuel - types / characteristics / contamination / fueling / defueling / precautions
PLT251 Recall fuel characteristics / contaminants / additives / leaks
PLT252 Recall fuel dump system - components / methods
PLT253 Recall fuel system - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT254 Recall fuel tank - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT255 Recall fueling procedures - safety / grounding / calculating volume
PLT256 Recall glider performance - effect of loading
PLT257 Recall glider performance - speed / distance / ballast / lift / drag
PLT258 Recall ground reference maneuvers - ground track diagram
PLT259 Recall ground resonance - conditions to occur
PLT260 Recall gyroplane - aerodynamics / rotor systems
PLT261 Recall hail - characteristics / hazards
PLT262 Recall hazardous material - reports / transportation procedures / labeling
PLT263 Recall hazardous weather - fog / icing / turbulence
PLT264 Recall helicopter approach - settling with power
PLT265 Recall helicopter takeoff / landing - ground resonance action required
PLT266 Recall high lift devices - characteristics / functions
PLT267 Recall hot air balloon - weigh-off procedure
PLT268 Recall hovering - aircraft performance / tendencies
PLT269 Recall human behavior - defense mechanism
PLT270 Recall human behavior - social / self fulfillment / physical
PLT271 Recall human factors (ADM) - judgment
PLT272 Recall human factors - stress management
PLT273 Recall hydraulic systems - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT274 Recall icing - formation / characteristics
PLT275 Recall ILS - indications / HSI
PLT276 Recall ILS - indications / OBS / CDI
PLT277 Recall ILS - marker beacon / indicator lights / codes
PLT278 Recall indicating systems - airspeed / angle of attack / attitude / heading / manifold pressure / synchro / EGT
PLT279 Recall Inertial Navigation System principles
PLT280 Recall inflight illusions - causes / sources
PLT281 Recall information in an Airport Facility Directory
PLT282 Recall information in the certificate holder`s manual
PLT283 Recall information on a Constant Pressure Analysis Chart
PLT284 Recall information on a Forecast Winds and Temperatures Aloft (FD)
PLT285 Recall information on a Height Velocity Diagram
PLT286 Recall information on a Significant Weather Prognostic Chart
PLT287 Recall information on a Surface Analysis Chart
PLT288 Recall information on a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)
PLT289 Recall information on a Weather Depiction Chart
PLT290 Recall information on AIRMETS / SIGMETS
PLT291 Recall information on an Aviation Area Forecast (FA)
PLT292 Recall information on an Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP)
PLT293 Recall information on an Instrument Departure Procedure Chart
PLT294 Recall information on Inflight Aviation Weather Advisories
PLT295 Recall instructor techniques - obstacles / planning / activities / outcome
PLT296 Recall instrument procedures - holding / circling
PLT297 Recall instrument procedures - unusual attitude / unusual attitude recovery
PLT298 Recall instrument procedures - VFR on top
PLT300 Recall instrument/navigation system checks/inspections - limits / tuning / identifying / logging
PLT301 Recall inversion layer - characteristics
PLT302 Recall jet stream - types / characteristics
PLT303 Recall L/D ratio
PLT304 Recall launch procedures
PLT305 Recall leading edge devices - types / effect / purpose / operation
PLT306 Recall learning process - levels of learning / transfer of learning / incidental learning
PLT307 Recall learning process - memory / fact / recall
PLT308 Recall learning process - principles of learning elements
PLT309 Recall load factor - angle of bank
PLT310 Recall load factor - characteristics
PLT311 Recall load factor - effect of airspeed
PLT312 Recall load factor - maneuvering / stall speed
PLT313 Recall loading - limitations
PLT314 Recall longitudinal axis - aerodynamics / center of gravity / direction of motion
PLT315 Recall Machmeter - principles / functions

for Pilots, Instructors, Flight Engineers, Dispatchers, Navigators, and Pilot Examiners Exams

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