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FAAの筆記試験(Knowledge Exam)について。 :  Privateの筆記試験について : PVTの問題へ : IFR、筆記の解説 : IFR問題へ

Subject: Learning Statement Reference Guide for Airman Knowledge Testing
September 28, 2007

(今までのAC 60-25F, Reference Materials and Subject Matter Knowledge Codes (6/8/2004)はキャンセルとなりましたが、筆記試験の結果は2年間有効なのでAC 60-25Fは2009年09月30日まで使われます。以前のPrivate Pilot用のTest Code

for Pilots, Instructors, Flight Engineers, Dispatchers, Navigators, and Pilot Examiners Exams

PLT316 Recall meteorology - severe weather watch (WW)
PLT317 Recall microburst - characteristics / hazards
PLT318 Recall minimum fuel advisory
PLT319 Recall navigation - celestial
PLT320 Recall navigation - true north / magnetic north
PLT321 Recall navigation - types of landing systems
PLT322 Recall navigation - VOR / NAV system
PLT323 Recall NOTAMS - classes / information / distribution
PLT324 Recall oil system - types / components / functions
PLT325 Recall operations manual - transportation of prisoner
PLT326 Recall oxygen system - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT327 Recall oxygen system - install / inspect / repair / service / precautions / leaks
PLT328 Recall performance planning - aircraft loading
PLT329 Recall physiological factors - cabin pressure
PLT330 Recall physiological factors - cause / effects of hypoxia
PLT331 Recall physiological factors - effects of scuba diving / smoking
PLT332 Recall physiological factors - hyperventilation
PLT333 Recall physiological factors - night vision
PLT334 Recall physiological factors - spatial disorientation
PLT335 Recall pilotage - calculations
PLT336 Recall pitch control - collective / cyclic
PLT337 Recall pitot-static system - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT338 Recall pneumatic system - operation
PLT340 Recall positive exchange of flight controls
PLT341 Recall power settling - characteristics
PLT342 Recall powerplant - controlling engine temperature
PLT343 Recall powerplant - operating principles / operational characteristics / inspecting
PLT344 Recall precipitation - types / characteristics
PLT345 Recall pressure altitude
PLT346 Recall primary flight controls - types / purpose / functionality
PLT347 Recall principles of flight - critical engine
PLT348 Recall principles of flight - turns
PLT349 Recall procedures for confined areas
PLT350 Recall propeller operations - constant / variable speed
PLT351 Recall propeller system - types / components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT352 Recall purpose / operation of a stabilizer
PLT353 Recall Radar Summary Chart
PLT354 Recall radio - GPS / RNAV / RAIM
PLT355 Recall radio - HSI
PLT356 Recall radio - ILS / compass locator
PLT357 Recall radio - ILS / LDA
PLT358 Recall radio - LOC / ILS
PLT359 Recall radio - LORAN
PLT360 Recall radio - Microwave Landing System
PLT361 Recall radio - SDF / ILS
PLT362 Recall radio - VHF / Direction Finding
PLT363 Recall radio - VOR / VOT
PLT364 Recall radio system - licence requirements / frequencies
PLT365 Recall reciprocating engine - components / operating principles / characteristics

for Pilots, Instructors, Flight Engineers, Dispatchers, Navigators, and Pilot Examiners Exams

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